Brilliant Heavy Industry Group Co., Limited

The machine factory has more than 90 sets of automatic processing 5M, 4M, 3.5M lathe, 1.6M CNC boring machine, 1.3M digital boring machine, 4M cylindrical grinding, 6M gantry milling and 500T hydraulic pressand so on.

The test capacity of the large test station is 14000Kw.

[Main products]

      Three-phase AC asynchronous motor: JR, JS, Y, YKK, YKS, YR,YRKK series;

      Three-phase AC synchronous motor: T, TK, TDMK (TM) series;

       Large high-speed motor: YK series;

      Special special motor: YTM, YF, YFKK series;

 The above products, rated voltage of 380V, 6KV and 10KV. Rated power: 400-10000kw, protection class IP00, IP23, IP44 and IP54;

In order to meet customer's requirements, we maintenance and repair of various models of large and medium-sized motor, to provide a variety of motor parts such as: stator coil, bearing, cooler, poles and other products.